Aragorn caused chaos in Oslo
Date: 15 Dec '03

Hundreds of fans made a big chaos and cheers when three of the stars from "Lord of the Rings - Return of the King" visited Oslo this evening for the worlds biggest screening of the movie.

The most famous of the actors from the movie, Viggo Mortensen, who plays Aragorn, thinks the Norwegian fans made an impressive noise outside Oslo Spektrum.

"It is great and overwhelming to come out and meet them. The cheering was so strong. This is fantastic, said Mortensen to NTB after signing autographs in the flash lights, waved and smiled to the fans who had showed up in the cold weather outside Oslo Spektrum."

Also the two other actors, Bernard Hill and Andy Serkis thought the reception was impressive.

To the question from NTB if the Norwegian fans are different from fans from other places in the world, Hills answered: - They are Norwegian.

Then he added that he thought this was an impressive reception.

Andy Serkis made it clear that he's sorry he can't stay long in Norway.

"This is in many ways the homeland of many of Tolkien's stories. Maybe that's why the Norwegian fans are so enthusiastic?, he wonders, without talking with his characteristic Gollum-voice. The only thing he had time to do during his stay in Oslo, was a short trip to the National Theater."

"The theater is great, and I got to see the statue of Henrik Ibsen, he said before he had to rush in for the show."


5000 fans had tickets to the world's biggest screening of the movie.

Before the movie, the public warmed up with a great show, with horses, hobbits and orcs and other creatures from Tolkien's universe. The income of the show goes to Amnesty International.

Publication: Norwegian newspaper VG







































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