Aragorn cheered by his fans
date: 15 Dec'03


OSLO SPEKTRUM (TV 2 Nettavisen): The wind is blowing up the red carpet, but that didn't scare Viggo Mortensen, Bernard Hill and Andy Serkis from meeting the Norwegian fans. - This is fantastic, they said.

It was a strange crowd that had showed up at the galla for Lord of the Rings - Return of the King in Oslo Spektrum.

Some were dressed in galla, others were dressed as their favourites in Tolkien's trilogy. There were Gandalfs and Galadriels and others who had been inspired by the books and the movies.

Wind, cold and "Gammel Dansk"

"This reminds us about New Zealand - both the winter and the cold", said the co-producers Rick Pourras who also were in Oslo. The hard winter put a stop for the red carpet from Oslo Plaza to Oslo Spektrum, but not for the heroes who in spite of this met their fans and signed autographs.

For some of the journalists, Bernard Hill and Viggo Mortensen got a "Gammel Dansk" (Old Danish) to get strength.

"I have no idea what that was, but it tasted as medicine. What? Viggo did not try to teach me Nordic habits, he tried to kill me" , laughed King Theoden to TV2 Nettavisen after the meeting with the strong, Danish drink.

Carried a Norwegian flag

The galla in Oslo was the last stop for a real world tour for those involved.

"It is wonderful to be in Oslo", said Mortensen in perfect Danish, while Andy Serkis said that a reception like this didn't make his job very hard. All four carried Norwegian flag pins.

Inside Oslo Spektrum, half an hour on overtime, was a real rock reception for Mortensen, Serkis, Pourras and Hill. Viggo had, in the mean time, put on a Norwegian lusekofte (knitted sweater) he got as a present from Se&Hør (Norwegian tabloid).

Cheered the fans

"We owe Norway a great deal. Without the Norwegian sagas there wouldn't be any Lord of the Rings or movies, or King Theoden" , said Mortensen, before he quoted "Volsungsaga", that those who are patient before the last battle will receive honour.

"We have been patient for four years", said Mortensen, but said he shared the honour with all those who had showed up there.

Aragorn got an axe in his head.

After that there was a show. The show was directed by 6. sans and 200 volunteers summed up both the first and the second movie, with horses, a climbing Gollum and screeming nazguls. All to music and lines from the first two movies.

But it turned out a little too realistic. Aragorn, or Daniel Karlsson which is his real name, got an axe in his head so he started bleeding. But he seemed to be okay when the press left the Spektrum before the movie started.

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