Interview at the red carpet in Oslo
Date: 15 Dec '03


Reporter speaks Norwegian, Viggo switches between Danish and English.

Reporter:" Had you expected such a welcome from the Norwegian fans?"

(Viggo can't hear the reporter because of the screeming from the fans. He moves his head closer to her, and she repeats the question.)

Viggo: (In Danish, looking around while he's talking) "I didn't know there would be so many of them, and that they would scream so loud. But it is really wonderful. We have all heard about those who have been standing in line outside for weeks to get tickets. "

(In English) "Come Bernard!" (Waving for Bernard Hill to come over to him, he comes and VIggo puts his hand around his shoulder.)

(In Danish) "This is Bernard.
(In English) King Theoden of Rohan."

Bernard: "Teoden."

Viggo: (In Danish) "Teoden. In Norway you should say Teoden."

Bernard: "No TH in Norway".

VIggo: "Okay." (Laughing).

Reporter: (In English) "You have a huge crowd of fans here in Norway."

Bernard: "It sounds like it, doesn't it?"

Viggo: Laughing.

Bernard: "I can't see anything, because of the flashes, but it sounds like it's a lot."

Reporter: (In English) "This is a Danish drink called "Gammel Dansk" (Old Danish, very strong liquor), so you can share it for the dinner."

(She gives the drinks to VIggo. He opens the box with two small bottles in.)

Reporter: "No, it's a gift, for you."

Viggo:" Oh well... "(Laughing, while he opens the box.

Bernard: "You have to mix it?"

Viggo: (In English) "No, you don't have to, you can drink it straight from the bottle."

Bernard: "Okay" (Takes one of the bottles and smells it.)

Viggo: (Laughing)

Bernard: "What is it? It's not like...."

Viggo:" It's bitter. It's bitter." (Then raises his bottle, so does Bernard.)

Viggo: "SKÅL!"

Bernard: "SKÅL!"

(Viggo drinks it all, Bernard tastes a little bit, then shaking his head, making funny faces because of the taste. Viggo laughs hard and loud, takes Bernard's head in his hands and places a kiss on his head. Bernard is all red in his face. YUCK! STRONG! Viggo laughs and laughs.)

Viggo: (Laughing) "Drink it up! Come on!"

Bernard: (Shaking his head) "No, no!"

The reporter says thank you and back to the studio.

The reporter in the studio says: "Well, that's a big drinking moment on Norwegian television history".

Publication: orwegian TV2







































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