It is just Little Viggo
Date: 13 Dec '03

The star Viggo Mortensen from "Lord of the rings" needs a haircut, says his uncle Henry in Midtsjælland.

It is in the village Jystrup on Midtsjælland, Viggo Mortensen's uncle lives, far away from Hollywood.

And it is even further away from the role as King Aragorn in "Lord of the rings" to the Viggo who his Danish family knows.

To them he is just Little Viggo.
"His father's name - my big brother - is also Viggo, so for us to know who is who, we have never called him anything else than Little Viggo, says 73-year old Henry Mortensen."

Loud Music
Even if Henry Mortensen has been loyal and seen both the previous "Lord of the rings"-movies, it still takes more than a couple of million sold out movie-tickets to impress him.

"That kind of movie isn't my cup of tea. There were fighting all the time and loud music, I take it that's how the next film will be too. But it is a well made film, and I go see them of course, because Viggo is in them, says the man from a farm with pigs, cows and 40 acres of land."

Almost four years ago Henry Mortensen moved away from the farm to a little yellow house close by. But with binoculars placed in the window frame, he has the chance to keep an eye on the farm and the new owners.

Rented theater
But he won't be needing binoculars on friday, when he follows his nephews third and last aventure in Tolkien's story - but maybe a couple of ear-plugs?

"We have rented the whole movie-theater in Ringsted and invited friends and family. And we have a couple of birthdays in the family at the same time, says Henry Mortensen, who is following his nephew's career closely."

"He's busy with his work, so he comes to visit only one or two times a year. And after September 11th, are neither my brother VIggo or Little Viggo fond of ariplanes. And I'm not very up for a flight to to the US because of my leg, it isn't good anymore, says the star's uncle, hinting to his artificial knee."

It is a little strange for Henry Mortensen to see his nephew announced as a superstar on the cover of magazines and newspapers.

"I remember him best from the summers, when he as a teenager came to Denmark to work. He had good manners and speaks perfect Danish, he has a good ear for languages that boy, says Henry Mortensen, and tells us about the young Viggo Mortensen, who actually planned a career in the world of embassy."

"He's lived in both Madrid and London, he had to stay hard to his dad,and say that now he wanted to do something else. But it has gone well for him, says the proud uncle."

Too long hair
Something else that makes uncle Henry proud is Viggo Mortensen's 15 year old son, Henry, who has small parts in all the three "lord of the rings"-movies. Because he is named after Henry, the older one in the yellow house in Jystrup.

"Little Henry speaks only English, and I can't. But then I talk to Little Viggo, because he can, says Henry Mortensen."

But Henry Mortensen doesn't agree with those who are calling Viggo Mortensen hot, like in Brad Pitt-hot. His hair is too long.

"I wish we could have cut his hair. He looks dishevelled. But fortunately it was only during the shooting of the films he had to run around with that hair, says uncle Henry with short, well-cut hair."

Publication: "Det er jo bare lille Viggo" from Ekstra Bladet







































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