King Viggo mets the Queen
Date 15 Dec '03


Viggo's big day - first with his family in Jystrup, and later with the Queen and his fans in Tivoli.

Just as the wet drops from above, arrived the crew of the third and last Lord of the RIngs-movie in Copenhagen during sunday.

Among them, director Peter Jackson, who checked in at Hotel D'Angleterre in blue Bermuda-shorts and Mickey Mouse-socks.

Just as unformal dressed was the Danish-American actor Viggo Mortensen, who arrived in Copenhagen as one of the first. But in contrast to the others, he left just as soon as he had arrived.

The moviestar's family
The star spent half of the day with his family in the small village Jystrup on midtsjælland. Viggo Mortensen's mother is American, while his father is Danish. And it was together with his father's brother, Henry, his aunt Tulle and a couple of others of his father's sister, the actor from the popular Tolkien-adventure spent his time in Denmark.

"We have been out at my sisters and had a big party. We were around 20 people, and it was really nice", says uncle Henry Mortensen about the day with Little Viggo - which the star is called in the family.

The 73 year old uncle was happy to see his nephew again, and didn't care about all the attention, when a star is coming to the country.

"It is too much attention, in my opinion. There have been scauffeurs and everything all day. I don't care much about that. And I could see it on VIggo, that he didn't like it either", says Henry Mortensen.

Viggo Mortensen didn't show any of that, when he later on in the afternoon returned to Hotel D'Angleterre to change his clothes for the galla-premiere in Tivoli, where the 45 year old Viggo again would be celebrated.

He was very patient and took his time to sign autographs and let his fans photograph him.

"I've had a great day, but I haven't really had time to do much. I have visited my family, that's it", said King Aragorn, before his meeting with the Queen - a real queen that is.

Viggo in Tivoli
Viggo Mortensen arrived at Tivoli in the December cold and waited ten minutes for the arrival of the Queen and her family, and then walked up the 320 meter long red carpet, where he was celebrated as a true king from the waiting fans.

Precisely at 07:15 Viggo entered Tivoli's concert hall to a huge applause.

"Thank you. Good evening", said a shy Viggo with his vestsjællandske accent, before he continued:

"Your Majesty and Your Royal Highnesses, ladies and gentlemen. It is a great honour and pleasure for me to present some of my best friends here tonight, especially the movie's real king, Peter Jackson."

And then, the movie troll Peter Jackson entered the stage, where he presented John Rhys Davis, who plays Gimli, Bernard Hill, who plays King Theoden and Andy Serkis, who plays Gollum.

"And tonight I have the special honour to present Saruman himself, Christopher Lee", said Jackson, who was happy that Lee finally has accepted that he is cut out of "Return of the King". Lee hasn't been to happy for a while about the decission, and hasn't been at the galla-premieres around the world. But with a Danish wife, Gitte Kröncke, and a special love for the Danish Royal Family, he choosed to be in Denmark.

Jackson then presented Viggo Mortensen, who bend down for the Queen on stage, before Jackson continued:

"It is fantastic for me to be here in Copenhagen today. It is a very special night, because it is the the last of many galla-premieres for the movie. And that means, that seven years hard and amazing work with the movies ends here tonight. So you have to excuse me, if I'm emotional affected by it all."

"I am extremely happy that you here in Denmark in Tivoli has done so much out of the premiere, with the red carpet, great fireworks and the many fantastic figures from the movie."

"And the Danish public is also our biggest fans in the whole world. One out of four Danes have seen our movie. It is the highest average in the world. Thank you for your fantastic support. I hope you will enjoy the movie", said Jackson, before he hugged his Danish star and king Viggo Mortensen.

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