Party in Oslo last night
Date: 16 dec '03

Funny guys: Oslo had a visit from Bernard Hill, Viggo Mortensen and Andy Serkis last night. When the guys were finished with the galla, they made the town.

Yesterday the LOTR-stars Viggo Mortensen, Bernard Hill and Andy Serkis entered Oslo for the world's biggest screening of ROTK. 5000 people had tickets to the galla in Oslo Spektrum And today is the "hang-over".

"They were very pleased, it went really great! They are gonna bring a copy of the show in Spektrum to Peter Jackson, because they thought it was so cool", says Charlotte Bohwim in SF Norway to

The show with 120 actors and horses on stage was before the movie, and the visiters liked it.

Because all three of them had only good things to say about cold Oslo. They wished they could have stayed longer and seen more, but Serkis at least got a chance to see the National Theater, before he later on brought Mortensen, who is described as the most friendly man in the world, and Hill to meet the fans.

Went out to take a beer

The three took their time with the fans, to sign autographs, outside Oslo Spektrum last night. And they didn't go straight back to the hotel.

Becaused they liked it in Oslo, no doubt about that. After they had done their duty, they went to a pub to take a beer.

First they went to their hotel Radisson SAS Plaza, and relaxed at the bar there, on the top floor of Norway's highest building. To go up there, you have to use an elevator with glass walls, with a view over Oslo.

But the guest didn't end it there. They wanted to see more of Oslo, so they went out on the town.

Around 11:00 Viggo Mortensen and Bernard Hill arrived at the huge pub Onkel Donald in the middle of Oslo. Andy Serkis arrived shortly after, and here they stayed till over midnight. was on Onkel DOnald last night. The place was crowded with people who had no idea about the stars being there. Later in the evening, the place which takes several hundred guests, was so crowdy that it was hard to find somewhere to sit down. And then the superstars arrived and gave the monday-tired guests a nice surprise.

Going home today

Today the stars are still in Oslo, but they are soon headed back home.

"They were sweet and nice, and very happy and satisfied" , says Bohwim.

Publication: Norwegian Dagbladet








































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