Viggo Mortensen loved the present from Se og Hør
date: 21 dec '03

VIggo Mortensen felt like a king when we gave him a lusekofte. He had it on for three whole days!

Crazy show! Last week Se og Hør interview Viggo Mortensen about his love for his son and his life after "Lord of the rings". Monday he appeared at the premiere of "Return of the King" in Oslo Spektrum, Hundreds of fans and journalists created a chaos outside Oslo Plaza. But still, Mortensen recognized Se og Hør's journalist who he met in Berlin.

"Thank you for last time we met! Is everything okay with you?", Viggo asked when he met the journalist.

"Yes, thank you, I'm great. And as a thank you for a good interview we wanted to give you this", said Se og Hør's Camilla Bjørn - and gave the star a traditional lusekofte.

"WOW! Thank you. It's really beautiful", he said, before he gave the journalist a kiss on her cheek.

No doubt that he liked the warm present. Viggo had the sweater on when he was introduced for the audience in Oslo Spektrum, and he also had it on later that night.

Nachspiel in Lusekofte

Before Mortensen entered Oslo Spektrum, he told how much he enjoyed Norway and his stay there.
"It's been an incredible day and I've had the best time here in Oslo."

After he finished his duties with the fans and the press, he enjoyed himself in the bar on the top of Oslo Plaza, Plaza Panorama.

The LOTR-star surprised everybody when he appeared at the premiere of ROTK at Colosseum at midnight on TUesday. And when the film was finished Wednesday morning, he came out of the theater, wearing the lusekofte from Se og Hør.

Publication: Norwegian magazine Se & Hør








































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