Viggo honoured the fans

date: 17 Dec '03


"They have waited a month in line. Then I could wait another day to go back home", said Viggo Mortensen, who was the big surprise at last night's LOTR premiere at Colosseum in Oslo.

The Danish-American actor was so impressed by the Norwegian fans, who had spent twenty days out in the snow and the cold, so he decided to stay another day in Oslo. He just wanted to honour the fans, simple as that.

"I have to say thank you to the fans. I couldn't leave the country without saying thank you. The Norwegian fans have waited outside for so long. I'm impressed", said Mortensen.

Number one in the line, was Camilla Welde (19), who spend twenty days in the cold, and was rewarded with a hug from King Aragorn. With tears in her eyes, she embraced the friendly movie-star.

"See, it matters", said Mortensen, who was touched himself by the applause and cheering that met him at Colosseum in Oslo, right after midnight.

Visited the Viking Ship

"What have you been doing today?" asked the reporter.

" I've been hiding", Mortensen smiles, and then adds: " I've been visiting the VIking ships. No one was there today. And I've been to Holmenkollen with some friends, and no one was there either. Just some lovely snow", says Mortensen, who after the galla premiere on monday, met the actors behind the show at the galla.

"I'm very impressed by them. The guy who was Aragorn was hit in the head with an axe, but continued even if he bleeded. It was tough", said Mortensen.

At last nights premiere Viggo entertained. He sang for the Norwegian fans before he read from the LOTR book. He got rearded with a great cheer.

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