King Pop

Author: unknown
Publication: Chicago Sun Times
Date: 08 Mar '04

[NB: This is just an extract from the article... the rest of it was dull non-Viggo stuff ;) - Obs]

It is good to be King and even better to be his son. Such is the case with Viggo Mortensen's 16-year-old son, Henry, who logged time with Dad on the set of "Hidalgo." "He visited when we shot the Wild West Show in Montana," says the hunk who rarely talks about his personal life. He will admit that his son is his hero. "He's always been sort of an independent spirit. He thinks for himself, which I like. He asks questions. What I really appreciate about him is he doesn't just accept anything on face value. He's not rude about it either. What I say or what his teacher says, well, he thinks about it." As for having more kids, Viggo says, "Never say never." But he's realistic about parenting. "A lot of people romanticize being a parent and go into it without a lot of thought. It's a huge responsibility, something to take seriously."

Forget rumors that he's about to get hitched to anyone despite the names in bold face that have been linked to him. "I have no plans to get married. But I wouldn't say I'd never do it." Also forget gossip that he's dating British TV actress Josie D'Arby. "Not true at all," he says. "And it's really unfortunate that these rumors are out there. Of course, I do understand that if you're part of a popular movie, then things happen. She is someone I met at the London premiere of 'Return of the King.' She was introduced to me. I said, 'Hi, how are you.' I introduced her to some other people and then I went home. And she said, 'Oh, by the way, I might see you in Paris our next stop.' I said, 'OK.' I never saw her again."

So how did this rumor get started? "The rumor obviously had to come from her. And it's stupid because it gets printed everywhere and I'm answering questions about it from people." He sighs and says, "If that's what you need to do, good luck to you. It's just not a joke to me. It gets into my life."







































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